Häufige Fragen (FAQ) für Eltern, die eine Kinderbetreuung suchen
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    FAQ for our
experienced senior child carer

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Why is a required age from 55 years set as a condition of participation?

With SilverSitting we pursue the heart's desire to provide seniors with a meaningful occupation. By taking care of children, the feeling of being needed can arise and to be an active part of society even in retirement. Studies show that especially the exchange with children can have a positive effect on the vitality of seniors, both physically and psychologically. We have therefore set the age from 55 years. If you are, for example, an early pensioner and just under 55 years of age, you are welcome to send us an e-mail to info@silversitting.com. In such special cases an exception can be made if necessary. 

How can I best prepare for my first childcare?

We recommend that you talk openly about your expectations, experiences and also needs, such as physical limitations, with your parents. Conversely, the parents will give you some information about their child (eating and sleeping habits, favourite activities, etc.). It is best if you clarify as detailed as possible all questions around the care service, so that in the end all participants are satisfied.

How does the care service come about and what costs are to be expected?

The Service of SilverSitting is totally free! In just a few steps you can register as a SilverSitter, fill out your profile with personal information and wait for interested parents to contact you. Important: There are no costs for you as a senior child carer. Any expenses that arise in the context of the care (e.g. travel costs, visit to the cinema, zoo trip etc.) must be reimbursed by the parents. Talk about this topic before the childcare. You will find more information on this topic when you click on „How it works“.

Are my personal data freely accessible?

No, only your name, your description, your photo and the distance to your parents are displayed. Please understand that we have to make your information available to the parents seeking care for their children - after all, parents make a decision for the well-being and safety of their children based on your information.

You can read more about the protection of your data in the general terms and conditions and data protection regulations.

Does SilverSitting preselect the senior child carers?

We give parents the opportunity to organize childcare themselves with just a mouseclick. Parents are free to choose which SilverSitter appears competent and friendly. Before a childcare is arranged, it is absolutely necessary to get to know each other personally. This is the only way for parents to determine whether the chemistry is right.

Can I also earn money with childcare?

Yes, you have the possibility to offer your services free of charge (you will define this later in your profile), but you can also demand money for your services. Usually about 10-15 Euros per hour are charged, depending on region and effort. These and also all other above mentioned arrangements have to be arranged directly with the parents either by e-mail or in a first personal meeting. Payments between you and the parents are not supported by this plattform.

Normally you will have a dependent employment (minijob) with the childcare. There is nothing for you to do here, because this is registered by the parents in the minijob center. As a mini-jobber you are legally insured against accidents and are therefore covered in the event of an accident at work, an accident on the way to work or an occupational disease. However, this only applies if the parents register your activity as a minijob. Please also note the additional income limit for a mini-job of 5,400 euros per year. You can find more information here.

Can I unsubscribe from the platform at any time?

That would be a pity, but yes, you can send us an email to info@silversitting.com with this request and we will delete your account and all your data within 3 working days.

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