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You are from 55 years old and would like to care for children?

"The longer a man remains a child, the older he becomes."

~ Novalis

Then read here how it works:

The first impression counts! As soon as you have registered as a senior child carer - SilverSitter - you can write a few words about yourself in your personal profile - your business card - and upload a friendly photo. When this is done, you can almost start!


Now the parents have the possibility to find you as a registered SilverSitter through a filter-based search. You can also try the search yourself (click here).


Very important: Only with the information in your profile, we can ensure that a suitable support service is created for both sides. Because it is very important to us at SilverSitting that parents, children and you as caregiver are satisfied! You will have even better chances if you upload an extended certificate of good conduct in your settings. Don't worry, once we have verified it, it will be deleted from our servers. This takes about 3 working days.


If your profile as a Silversitter has aroused the interest of parents, you can look forward to a nice message from them soon. You can view all your messages in your member area ("My area") after you have registered and logged in free of charge.


As soon as parents send you a message via this platform, we will send you an e-mail to inform you. Once you have been contacted and find that it might fit, it is best to exchange telephone numbers fairly quickly and arrange a personal meeting. 


We would like to point out again that you as a SilverSitter incur no costs. On the contrary, you have the possibility to offer your services free of charge (you will define this later in your profile), but you can also arrange a remuneration with the parents. Usually about 9-15 Euro per hour are usual, depending on region and effort. If you have arranged payment, you will be paid directly by the parents. The payment does not take place via this platform. 


A child's laughter and a lovely thank you from the parents motivates you to become active as a senior child carer? Then register with SilverSitting and bring a lot of joy into your everyday life, that of the children and the parents!

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