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This is how you can find a suitable senior child carer - SilverSitter

"Aging people are like museums: it's not the facade that matters,
but to the treasures within."

~ Jeanne Moreau

You can use the search function to select all criteria relevant to you and your children that the grandmother or grandfather in charge of you may meet.

In a result list you will see all suitable SilverSitter in your area. The integrated message function makes it easy for you to contact them. Your personal mailbox helps you to keep track.


SilverSitters receive an extended criminal record upon application to the Federal Office of Justice. Every SilverSitter can upload his copy here and have it checked by us. Examined and accepted SilverSitters appear in the result list and are marked with a special symbol (see left). 

The protection of your personal data and that of the senior child carers is very important to us at SilverSitting (see also data protection). For this reason only some basic information about the SilverSitter is shown in the list, which allows you to make a selection.

Contact: You can then use the integrated message function to contact the potential senior child carer directly and send a personal message. Your personal mailbox helps you to keep track of things. Arrange a meeting and get to know each other. Possible payments and other arrangements are not made via this platform, but are arranged directly with the childcare provider.

Please note the following protective measure in the context of Covid-19:

Once a week we need an e-mail from you stating when (date, approximate time) your child met with which senior (name). Send this either by e-mail to or via the message function on our site. This information will be reliably deleted after one month!

We recommend to exchange telephone numbers with the SilverSitter as soon as possible and to arrange a personal meeting. Then you, the senior child carer and also your children can check if the chemistry is right and a future child care can be arranged.

We are for simple solutions in complicated times! Therefore you can book the 6 month subscription free of charge as part of our current special offer. This gives you unlimited access to all SilverSitting features and allows you to arrange unlimited childcare for 6 months. Code: START2020.

Did you know: Many SilverSitter work voluntarily but some are also happy about a small expense allowance. Should you decide to give the SilverSitter an expense allowance, this will not be done via our platform. Please pay the SilverSitter directly instead. If you decide to pay an hourly wage to the senior child carer, you have the possibility to claim these costs with your tax return. You can read everything else about this here.

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