Häufige Fragen (FAQ) für Eltern, die eine Kinderbetreuung suchen
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FAQ for parents seeking childcare

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How does the care service come about and what costs are to be expected?

We do NOT charge a user fee for providing silversitting.com as a digital platform. The use of this platform is completely free for seniors and parents for all people who currently register. You can search for available seniors offering childcare in your area without registering in our search function. This will give you a good overview of all childcare providers registered within the radius of your location and you can get a first impression based on the photos and personal details.

Many seniors offer their childcare services free of charge and on a voluntary basis. You can recognize this by a symbol with two hearts embracing. If one or more childcare providers have aroused your interest, you will be invited to complete a free registration before contacting the childcare provider.

Suppose a SilverSitter doesn't volunteer, but demands money. What do I do?

Senior child carers who register with SilverSitting are free to work voluntarily or to ask for money for their work. As soon as you have done the search for SilverSitters you can already see in the short info of the rental homes or the rental shop if they want to care for your children on a voluntary basis. If there is no information, you are welcome to ask the child carer which consideration is desired. If a remuneration should be agreed upon, you can orientate yourself by the average hourly wage of approx. 10 to 15 Euro for child carers. You have no possibility to make a payment via SilverSitting. SilverSitting only carries out the mediation. Instead you pay the lending granny/-pa directly after agreement.

We as SilverSitting recommend that you definitely register your paid childcarer as a household-related service provider with the Minijob-Zentrale.


Did you know: If you decide to pay the childcare worker an hourly wage, you have the possibility to claim these costs on your tax return. You can read everything else about this here.

Why is a required age from 55 years for Lending grannys/-pas set as a condition of participation?

With SilverSitting we pursue the heart's desire to provide seniors with a meaningful occupation. By taking care of children, the feeling of being needed can arise and to be an active part of society even in retirement. Studies show that especially the exchange with children can have a positive effect on the vitality of seniors, both physically and psychologically. We have therefore set the age range from 55 years. If, for example, an early retiree shortly under 55 years of age is interested in working as a loaner, an exception can be made if necessary. 

Does SilverSitting preselect the senior child carers?

We give you the possibility to organize your own childcare with just one click. You are free to choose which SilverSitter seems competent and friendly to you. Before you can start looking after your children, it is imperative that you get to know them personally for the first time. This is the only way you have the opportunity to have proofs (babysitter certificate, certificate of good conduct) shown to you and can directly clarify a wealth of experience in dealing with children and all other necessary information.

How can I best prepare my children and the SilverSitter for the first day of childcare?

We recommend that you speak openly about your child's needs and characteristics with the SilverSitter so that there are no unpleasant surprises. Give very precise information about eating and sleeping habits (when to sleep/eat; are there any food intolerances or a ban on certain foods). What does your child like to do most? What are the tasks that the child carer is allowed to take on and what leisure activities may be carried out in the context of child care - are there any restrictions? There are other questions that need to be clarified before the first childcare. The best thing is to have a look at our blog and read our article on the topic "Care Guide". It is also important that you ask directly about the expectations of the SilverSitter and clarify whether there are any physical restrictions and what the procedure was like with previous childcare.

Why do I currently find so few SilverSitters in my search radius?

Setting up a platform with a suitable number of senior child carers takes a certain amount of time and we are currently at a relatively early stage. In contrast to perhaps the one or other market companion, you will not find any fake profiles with us and no artificially high density of supporters is suggested. If you find a suitable senior child carer in the search, then you can be sure that the SilverSitter is available to take care of your children. Only if you want to contact us, you have to register and pay the fee. As long as you only search, the use of our platform SilverSitting is completely free.

Isn't it easier to switch to offline arrangements once you've met a caregiver?

At this point we would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is an important quality assurance tool of SilverSitting to have every SilverSitter evaluated by its parents after child care has taken place. As the number of reviews grows, the childcare provider's profile moves higher and higher in the search. This increases the probability that the SilverSitting will be contacted more often. Without the digital contact between you and a SilverSitter we can't keep up with this quality assurance and therefore the number of available childcare providers would be limited for other parents - that would be a pity!

We would like to help many families to find a reliable and trustworthy child care. And give the loanomas and -pas the opportunity to find a pleasant, meaningful occupation that increases vitality and joie de vivre.

In a nutshell: Through an "exclusive support" which would be agreed offline:

Do you limit the care offered to other families?

Is the evaluation system for quality assurance prevented and thus also the incentive of the SilverSitter support to carry out

The profile of the SilverSitter is displayed less prominently and this worsens the chance to be contacted by parents.

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